St Edmunds Mentoring: Personal Journeys

Week Two: 10/02/20

Part 1: Journeys Into Architecture

Under a lot of reflection due to personal experiences, myself and the group individually presented our personal journeys into Architecture and the realistic struggles and lessons that we have been taught along the way. From past experience and never having this opportunity to have eternal talkers visit the class, myself and the group know that if we had a current university student come in to give us a talk about their experience we’d benefit greatly. This is due to a realistic insight int the expectations vs reality which the course entails and due to it’s bias factors. Therefore, it was only right to take it into our own hands and produce our own talk to fellow leaver students who are thinking about future design options.

Emre mainly covered his presentation on his influences and how they have shaped his style within his portfolio and the competitive world that we live in. He touched on his process work and the way he turns his rough idea into a dynamic, functioning outcome. On the other hand, I talked about how gaining relevant work experience can be insightful and educational, as you learn to adapt to a fast pace working environment and how that can shape your next destination in the education process. Touching on this, I showed the year group some of my most recent work that we cover in Interior Architecture, the myth of taking physics and maths as a subject choice to get into the world of Architecture and the university application process.

James and Daniel on the other hand, covered this in a different session but also spoke about the basic principles of their design and how everyone in the field of work conveys their own unique style personal to themselves so no two designs are the same. James follows a more software based form looking at finishes and the atmospherics of a space, whereas Daniel looks into model making in it’s physical form. Due to both being Masters students they have evolved into their own decision making and processing whereas myself and Emre are still adapting into the self directed approach.

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