HBVC Wellbeing Community Garden

Co.LAB_HBVC_Wellbeing gardens

COLLABORATOR: Heart of Birmingham Vocational College
STUDENT GROUP: BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture, BA (Hons) Product + Furniture Design
PROJECT TYPE: landscaping, feasibility design

From Landscape Institute (LI)Creating Healthy Placespublication, there are 5 principles LI believe are essential to the creation of healthy places:

  1. Healthy places improve air, water and soil quality, incorporating measures that help us adapt to, and where possible mitigate, climate change
  2. Healthy places help overcome health inequalities and can promote healthy lifestyles
  3. Healthy places make people feel comfortable and at ease, increasing social interaction and reducing anti-social behaviour, isolation and stress
  4. Healthy places optimise opportunities for working, learning and development
  5. Healthy places are restorative, uplifting and healing for both physical and mental health conditions

We will explore the above principles by with the site of Heart of Birmingham Vocational College to form a wellbeing community garden. HBVC is a specialist college, based in Birmingham, for young people with additional needs. They offer personalised learning programmes for learners aged 1625 whohave moderate to severe learning difficulties and/or autism. The community garden is an essential component to the learning experience of its members as they plan to move to a new location.

The designs process links between interior and landscape students looking at materials, wellbeing and furnishing to an open environment. A number of workshops and consultations were organised with the college for students to engage with the community. A final design document was produced for the school to liaise with a Landscape Architect and/or Contractor to form their design construction package.