Adventures in Hybrid Realities

STUDENT GROUPS: BA (Hons) Architecture, MArch Architecture, BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design
PROJECT TYPE: Transdisciplinary, Interactive Design

Considering the now and the future for a city of technology enhanced reality; experience. Fifteen years on and the old definitions of ‘real’ and virtual reality have faded from use. Augmentation matches physical resolution and is instinctively interactive. What do we want this to look like? Feel like? How will it change us?

Hybrid Realities assessed place through of personal narrative journeys from A to B for a different potential passengers of HS2. Students explored specific sequences of interactions, with objects, forms, places, technologies and how these might be defined by specific people, their specific desires and requirements. Proposals considered the use of augmented and virtual reality to enhance their navigation, facilitate their social interactions, to learn, to love and make the planning process more bearable.

four people are travelling to four places, curiously their journeys intertwine …