Research Profile: Demystifying Studio Culture













PROJECT: Demystifying studio culture: the future of the studio in UK architectural education.
PROJECT TYPE: Research, Statistical Analysis

This research sets out to explore attitudes amongst students, Heads of School and other senior academics into the place of studios in teaching and learning within architectural education. It is being carried out at a time when studio accommodation is increasingly coming under pressure from the financial changes of Universities.

Students worked as equal partner with academic staff and contribute to research publication(s) with the analysis of survey results from an online questionnaire made available to all architecture student in the UK. The challenge was to provide a suitable methodology to extrapolate data from the results to conclude on appropriate patterns of studio culture and the influencing factors that generates it’s success.

Various methodologies were considered from the Self-Organising Map to more recent digital computation models such as NextGen or Project Cascade. With over 100 million possible iterations from 470 respondents, academic staff and Co.lab students are still working through the data to surmise the information for qualitative assessment.

STUDENTS: Alex Dodd :: Patrick Jervis
STAFF: Hannah Vowles

Demystifying Studio Culture_By_Patick_Jervis-3Demystifying Studio Culture_By_Patick_Jervis-2Demystifying Studio Culture_By_Patick_Jervis

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