Information for Students

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What is in it for the students?

There are many educational and personal benefits for students participating in projects with real clients on real ‘live’ projects:

  • working in a collaborative manner with their peers and consultants for a common objective
  • learning managerial, logistical and communicative skills
  • enhancing their creative thinking and technical awareness with interdisciplinary design projects
  • to build on the student’s architectural portfolio for prospective employment
  • students feel empowered by the success of completing a real project with a noticeable impact

How will the students be directed?

The students are briefed on the available projects at the start of every academic year. They then select the one most relevant to their particular interest.

They will be provided with supporting information on how to organise themselves, work together in groups and integrate a collaborative relationship within the design process. By the end of the project, students are expected to have developed further skill in communication, delegation, teamwork, (project) management and consultation.

Success comes not only in the quality of the design but in the management of the brief and participation. It is important for clients to know this to appreciate how your project plays a part in the context of their educational development.