Information for Collaborators

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Live projects can take many forms. What is important is the client embraces the ethos of Co.lab and the learning process the students will undertake. Potential collaborators or  project partners (clients) should approach us under these terms and not just to receive free labour. Typically, our services are offered to non-profit organisations, community groups and the public sector.

The most successful projects are those with clients that are prepared for the process and has a high level of expectation. Students will respond positively to this and can therefore expect a better outcome. A clear brief with an intended outcome is essential.

The student group will consist of undergraduate and postgraduate students with a diverse range of design and organisational skills. Postgraduate students will normally have at least one year in professional practice. The students are able to use any of the university’s resources as they would for their normal studies. The students are supported with an experienced member of staff to supervise their progress.

A collaborator should expect to meet the student group on a number of occassions to provide updates as well as engage in collaborative workshops to help develop their creative thinking to respond to your  brief. The level of participation and working relationship between client and students will depend on the nature of the project. This can be tailored according to what you need.

Each group can provide a final presentation to the client and submit a document as a record of their research, design ideas and final proposal/s. This information can be used by the client as long as all acknowledgements are shared with the university.

If you are looking to construct something, we can investigate the feasibility of such a task with regards to legislation, funding and logistics. This can be an followed up as an extension to the main design project the students will participate in.