Which Collaboration Method?

What type of service are you after? Follow the questions below to help you decide.

_Advice on a personal project > go to A.
_Design feasibility or research exploration > Go to B.

A. Receive advice through a co.lab student representative (with a qualified academic)

Collaboration Type: consultancy

B. Do you consider the project as research or strategy based?
YES > go to C.
NO > go to D.

C. Collaboration Type: research/strategic study

D. Is the project timeframe critical (within 3 months from now)?
YES > go to E.
NO > go to F.

E. Project may not be suitable – contact us for a more detailed explanation

F. Does the project involve any form of construction?
YES > go to G.
NO > go to H.

G. Consult the project attributes table

H. Collaboration Type: student elective