Synaesthetic Dining


COLLABORATOR: Kaye Winwood Projects
STUDENT GROUP: BA (Hons) Architecture, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture, BA (Hons) Product + Furniture Design
PROJECT TYPE: Trandisciplinary exploration, experiential design, exhibition and curation

Kaye Winwood is an artist that works in the intersection between food and sensory design. For the project, students explored an innovative scheme of new dining products, spatial installations and visualisations in order to communicate and present a synaesthetic arts event.

“Working with the tools and paraphernalia of cooking and dining the work uses food as a pivot that enables a range of discourses to come into focus.”
                                                                                                                        –    Dr. Elisa Oliver

IMG_1449Co.LAB_Expanded Dining 2

An immersive experience was created in the Shell Theatre in our Parkside campus building as a highly sensorial and performative space., whilst applying consideration to architecture, interiors and design management principles.

Several instruments were used in the space where visitors would wonder through and participate: from an inflatable structure, to displays of synaesthetic design objects, smell globes and a specially designed moving screen table where food was served with a unique combination of ingredients – testing visitors’ perceptions of conventional methods of eating.

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