Guerilla Ecology

guerilla eco-water collector













PROJECT: Edible Eastside / Water Harvesting
LOCATION: Warwick Bar, Digbeth
COLLABORATORS: Eadible Eastside
PROJECT TYPE: research, design, construction

Guerrilla Ecology’ takes advantage of the lapse in urban regeneration brought about by the financial crisis that emerged in the late 2000s . Students investigated the latent potential of the Warwick Bar site to offer an alternative and (potentially) temporary future of the site, founded on ecological concerns. The site became a test bed for techniques, ideas and events related to the idea of ‘productive landscapes’ with a focus on education, experimentation and community engagement.

The research was presented as part of Carrot City, a research initiative organised by Ryerson University, Canada. Carrot City was exhibited at Millennium Point in May 2012.

The project culminated in the development and construction of a prototype for a water harvesting structure with a limited budget and resources. The prototype is to be developed into a working model for use at the Warwick Bar site.

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