Collaborative Conc(re)te.RIP

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COLLABORATORS: artist Gareth Barnett, BAAAD Press
STUDENT GROUPS: BA (Hons) Architecture, BA (Hons) Product & Furniture Design, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture, MArch Architecture
PROJECT TYPE: Transdisciplinary exploration, exhibition and curation

Welcome to Conc(re)te.RIP

The Agency For Speculative Landscapes, provides a space to speculate on alternative scenarios from which to reimagine our relationship to the materials of our urban landscape and issues around public and private space, developing ideas around the ‘archive’ as a site of production and questions of ownership in the age of digital-piracy.

Starting with digitised ruins of the Birmingham Central Library and the utopian ambition of Brutalist Architecture, Conc(re)te.RIP investigates the potential of concrete as a digital .obj file – to be manipulated and reformed, providing a space to experiment, think and play. It remoulds the debris of our past to develop new visual languages through which to think about the future.


The project evolved as a transdisciplinary process between the architecture, design and art schools.

From instagram to film work, we present publication in digital form developed over a series of workshops for the Duplicate: Artist Publishing Fair and presented within Freya Dooley’s installation Somewhere In The Crowd There’s You. Work was displayed in Eastside Project’s gallery 2 in May 2019.