St Edmunds Mentoring: Induction

St Edmunds mentoring is a live Co Lab project focusing on multi disciplinary qualities, within the professional context of a school and bringing in exterior sources. This includes an Interior Architecture student, Architecture and Masters students together to collaborate and mentor students within the school and sixth form. The purpose is to prepare these students for the world of Architecture with the relevant skills as they learn and adapt to good design. This is relevant as ‘good design is vital for the wider world and the economy’.


St Edmunds Mentoring School Co lab Group

Week one- 29/01/20

In the first session as a group we had an induction day by the head of department Mrs L Devi, who covered the basic guidelines of safeguarding and how to keep the pupils safe within education. This step was crucial as we all have a duty to abide by the rules of a professional working environment that each teacher or mentor must follow. Furthermore, we had to obtain a DBS check, which was a legal requirement to make sure we are liable to be left with a room full of students without any criminal records. These following booklets were given to each member in the first session to make sure we understood what was expected of us.

During this de-brief we also got given a timetable splitting the group in 2 sets of two. Myself and Emre were assigned to mentor the Year 12’s in the morning session and the Year 10’s in the afternoon every Thursday. Whereas, Daniel and James taught the Year 11’s and Year 13’s on Friday’s. As the bottom figure of the schedule suggests, each group had a 6 week period to produce and teach content that we found relevant. This table below was useful as we could plan what to cover in each session, before we ran out of time. Personally, 6 weeks was a challenging time period due to the extensive core elements that we all wanted to cover to give the students the best insight into Architecture and prepare them with the core skills.

Weekly Register

After being introduced to the timetable, we had a tour of the school looking at what facilities the school offers to the design students. The students themselves benefit from certain machinery in their own workshop room e.g. laser, vacuum forming machines etc which will support future model making sessions that the group will offer.

Witten by Wiktoria Glowczewska- BA Interior Architecture

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