Autonomy, Complicity & Ascension | Working From Home

By Co:Lab student 24/03/20 Student Blog

Currently, all of us students are working from home. Self isolation is happening and we are all in the same boat, however we have projects to complete and with the tables turned having no more face to face teaching, it is now an individual responsibility to be driven and productive on our own.

Personally, its taken a good week to get into the swing of things with this new setup. Communication has been great, with tutors and with classmates. Having the option to call tutors for extra support and guidance is extremely helpful at this time. We’re currently working on our final design and getting to grips with who will be doing each required output, the skills it will take and the level of communication it will need to be successful. With different courses and different skillsets our communication with one another has been efficient. Working together to make sure everyone has a specific job and in the end everyone is pleased with it.

We will carry on with this process until submission- everyone working individually for one big project! –

Written by- Ulisha Rajput (BA Interior Architecture & Design)
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