Joanne Yu // BAAD Space – Conceptual ideas

Through several visits to the Art school and a brief discussion with some of the art and design students, an understanding towards the space and student needs was gathered. As a group, we identified that there were several issues in the availability of space for the Art and Design students and its effect in their way of working. It was clear on many occasions that there was a lack of student attendance during the days that we visited.

Within the group, we individually proposed conceptual ideas that could help ease some of the underlying issues that prevent students from using the spaces that are available to them. I personally, looked at shelving/storage space and partition formations – all of which exploring multifunctional use through its form. During my visits, it was noticeable that whilst lockers were available to students, its size and availability was a problem.  I also looked into partitions as a means to break down the space within the main studio. By doing so, it would provide breakout spaces to allow other students to utilise.
JY - conceptual ideas

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