Damion Allport // Precedent – Favela House – Atelier Van Lieshout

Here is a Precedent Study for the initial stage of the project: Fevala House The page examines the installation and how this could be utilised for a students space.

This was an installation by Atelier Van Lieshout after experiencing the slum housing in Sao Paulo. The idea was to create his own example of the Favela House as an installation using the same available materials that the actual housing is constructed from. These were generally constructed from discarded timber, metal and plastic, with plastic sheeting to provide waterproofing. They were not governed by any form of planning or regulations, and were constructed with no consideration towards the proximity of other properties, infrastructure or street access.

The concept was that the installation would form five facades that would then be disassembled and five families would each receive one of these facades to use in building their own Favela House.


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