St Edmund's Mentoring: Facade Modelling Workshop

To support students at St Edmund’s, we delivered a workshop on how to very easily create facade models so that students could begin to create depth and materiality within their final models as part of their courses.

Facade Model Samples

The exercise was presented to the students in a step by step format to demonstrate how basic materials can be used efficiently when model-making. The samples above show the final result of the step by step tutorial, while the image below shows an example of some of the process shown to the students.

Facade Model-making Process

Throughout the process we have found that live step-by-step demonstrations such as this have been the most successful technique in transferring our own skills to the GCSE and A-Level students. This has informed our planning for the various sessions in order to ensure that we are providing the best experience as possible to add to the skillset of the students.

The session was supplemented with a short presentation on what a facade is, as well as why it is important. This included discussing features of depth, materiality and access, while showing the students physical examples of facade models by BCU students to assist with their learning.

Mentor Presentation

We were then able to support each student in 1-1 desktop tutorials in order to assist them with applying the facade model techniques into their own models.

Written by: James Timmins (MArch Architecture)

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