Autonomy, Complicity & Ascension | Interim Review

In week 6 of our CoLab module we went to the Curzon buildings for the interim review. This is where we had to present our group work that we had created, and this was to receive feedback.

When arriving into the room of Curzon. The seating area was arranged like a lecture theatre with all the seating lined up in the different groups. All three groups presented for 15 minutes at a time and got feedback at the end with a question and answer.

Once all the presenting finished the group gathered in an area and Max took all the different ideas created from each of the groups to create the final ideas for the space.

Max drew a basic plan, this is not for definite, but it is an idea which can be developed more, and the walls can be positioned in a different area.


Curved Walls:

  • Having two walls come together in a curved form.
  • Partition walls in the center of the space.
  • String hanging from the top to the bottom. Taken from one of the group ideas.
  • The partition will be a frame made from Timber, MDF and Plywood.

Hanging fabric:

  • Vary of different sheets of fabrics.
  • This will create a pathway for the users to walk through.
  • Creating different textures through the space.
  • Thinking of where to put the fabric: Hanging from the ceiling, the sides of the walls and Hanging from the lighting set in the shell.
  • Looking at different fabrics at a low cost.


  • The projection will be at the end of the space.
  • On the back wall of the shell space.
  • With sound playing in the background.
  • Images and animation on the projection.
  • Create a poster to show -Time -Direction -Theme -Social Media


  • Creating a ramp that takes to the wall with the visuals.
  • The ramp will not be that high because of the health and safety.
  • Once going up the ramp there will be a projection where you stand on a platform looking at the projection clearly.
  • Platform is black in the shell, will have to spray paint the ramp.

Extra time:

  • Put different textures on the flooring to create the different sound and textures.
  • Sand/Stone/Water.

Once we decided what was going to go in the space, we allocated ourselves into groups.  6 people had to go in the curved walls, another 6 in the ramp, another 6 for the projection and 3 people for the fabric.

When everyone decided what group, they wanted to go into they started the research because we where on a low budget, we had to find the cheapest options for materials. The curved walls and the ramp people had to go to the workshop and ask for durable materials we could use to hold people on the ramp and to hold the walls up securely.

Once we asked all the workshop for information about the different materials, we allocated each other to start different tasks in the group.

The budget is £150 to spend on all the materials needed. This needs to be split between the different areas in the performance.

Written By: Emma-Jayne Whitfield (BA: Interior Architecture and Design)

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