Autonomy, Complicity & Ascension – Performance Preparation

In preparation for the final event the graphics, wall, ramp and fabric group came together to test what they’ve produced at the location the performance is set to be held at – the shell. We were able to communicate with one another on what we think worked well and what needed to be changed in order for each groups designs and ideas to function as a whole. This blog post will outline how the graphics team communicated with others in order to enhance the sensory filled atmosphere for the performance.

Graphics Team:

As a group the graphics team expressed their thoughts and opinions on what we had produced so far and how we could further increase the intensity of the senses in order to gain the users full engagement, we had already covered sight with projections which we found worked really well – see below for one of the examples.

Images of projected graphic 1 (fabric) - test in the shell

What next – To expand our approach to sensory design we decided to implement the following into the performance:

  • An interactive poster that contains the thematic elements of the experience (Colour, Senses, Egyptian references and Materials) along with information on when the performance will take place
  • A reward to subconsciously notify the user that they are near the end of the experience, they will have to option to take a feather or a heart shaped chocolate, the feathers will represent the afterlife stage of the journey and the chocolate will represent purity and worthiness. This incorporates multiple senses including touch, smell and taste.
  • A trailer to expose the event to the general public, this will give people an insight to what to expect from the experience making visitors more intrigued.
  • Lighting research and experimentation on how we can inflict a particular mood within the space and onto the users – will it be consistent or will it change as you progress through the space?
  • How can we use our surroundings to an advantage, can we use the large stack of viewing chairs to shine light through and create dramatic shadows?

Communication with other groups

Graphics And Faric:

We discovered that the fabric needed to be light in colour and dense in thickness, this was to assure that the projection being filtered onto the fabric would not shine through onto the back wall, projectors for graphic one will be positioned at waist height near the entrance of the space. We found that the fabric needed to be hung at a lower level than originally planned due to the height that the main projector is situated, we need the projector to be above the fabric as there will be a second animated graphic being projected onto the back wall.

Diagram represents where the projectors will be located in plan view

Graphics and Ramp:

After looking at precedents of lighting and atmospheric design we found an artist on the social media platform Instagram with the username: @studiotessbjiere who uses mirrors to create infinity like illusions, this inspired us to incorporate a reflective component to the ramp design which will bring the animated graphic on the back wall into the space physically, this tricks the user into feeling like they are stepping into the projection, intensifying their senses. After discussions with the ramp team they confirmed that our idea would be a possibility as they had nothing planned for the platform section of the ramp.

Thinking ahead:

Graphics and Walls:

The wall group are planning to use twine which can create some great shadow effects, when the colour scheme of the twine and the position of the walls is finalised, the graphics team can work on producing a lighting plan that can accentuate the dramatic visual impact of the twine filled walls.


As individual groups we have overcome any issues that may have been presented in the shell session and our questions / queries have been answered due to the ability to test our ideas out in the space we intend to use for the performance, we are now confident in our overall design and will continue to communicate as a whole group in order to keep everyone updated of any changes or progressions.

Written By: Georgia Ruscoe (BA Interior Architecture & Design)

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