[Edit/or] Reflection

Taking on a role of leading the website design task of the group was daunting at first, as I had little experience in using website builders, but the task grew on to me and became enjoyable. This was especially due to input from other team members through discussion and the process of collating the documents that had to be presented on the website. The collaboration within the team on the different tasks almost happened organically, with the team members always being on the same page and bouncing ideas of each other.

The team of four had an interesting dynamic to it, with each member coming from a different background and different skill sets. The division of labour amongst the team tasks had obvious benefits for the creative project, as people were able to focus on specific areas, such as graphics, transcribing or the website publishing. Through Edit/or the work environment we created as a team versus those of an “individual efforts” brought about a platform where knowledge was shared across the board. This in turn, in my opinion, resulted in more condensed production processes and efficiency, along with the weekly meetings and constant two-way communication. Every member had a unique shape that became part of the big picture.

The live project allowed me to develop skills around website development. Especially through the practical experience of treating our lecturer leader, of whom is a committee member, Jemma Browne, as the client. I can now confidently state that I have intermediate level of understanding on website development through Wix. Given the opportunity to explore website design, graphic presentations and the art of content collating during my Masters course, has boosted my personal portfolio of work and CV.

Lydia Muadinohamba

Edit/or – Editorial Team

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