Innovative Urban Lighting Week 8 Group 2 – Experimental Bats

After the Review, the next step that made sense was to experiment using different materials that we could potentially use for the bats. Around the workshop we found leftover material that we could use including 1mm, 2mm Aluminium and 1mm steel to compare the weight. Unfortunately we do not have sheets of magnesium in the workshop so could not test this material. To test these materials we started drilling holes in the metals to reduce the weight and experimented with different was of bending them.

We observed that the steel was much to hard to drill, however when using the rolling machine bent with a really nice curve.

The Aluminium sheets were drilled with a lot more ease, through the process of hand bending and using the rolling machine we found that the rolling machine was much better in getting the curve we wanted.

We also previously tested a wooden bat for scale and shape. This was lazer-cut out of 1mm plywood, we cut two of the shapes out, then sandwiched them together with wood glue and pressed into a form to set with a curve, this was very valuable in understanding how big we wanted them. We also realised that the form look slightly underwear shaped and felt that we should change that.


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