Brick group A – Week 8

Week 8 – We came across a mistake with our final mould. 

We noticed that our design was on the wrong face of the brick, so we had to re-make the mould. We made it my hand using the band saw and sanding machine, instead of using the CNC machine.

It was quite confusing and time consuming to work out the angles with the band saw. First we adjusted the band saw bed to our angle and then clamped the wood to make it secure.

The outcome of our hand made mould turned out better than we thought. We also placed a base at the bottom, which will leave a 5mm boarder. The boarder will help the edges of the brick be more visible.

Hand throwing (Final brick)

We threw our final brick and the outcome turned out really well, as we kept in mind of what not to do from our previous brick throwing and improved our skills. The mould worked great and the lines of the design is strong and visible. We are happy with our final brick.


Group entry – Sohail Dad, Muhammad Arslan Javaid, Rebecca Nguyen and William Haynes.

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