Brick Group A – Week 7

Week 7 – We made our final 3 brick moulds and hand threw our bricks.

To make our moulds we used plywood and jelutong wood. For two of our designs we used the CNC machine to cut out our design as it was too complex to do it by hand.

Hand throwing bricks.

1st attempt.

For our 1st attempt it did’t turn out well, as it was the first time using the moulds. The sand didn’t stick to the mould which made it hard to take out the bricks. The first attempt we did was on the vertical design, we found hard to get the clay into the slots as neat and straight.

2nd attempt.

After the testing out the vertical design (mould), we moved on to the inverted design. We followed method, but at the end (Rebecca) dropped the clay instead of throwing it because the clay is quite heavy. However, the brick came out decent. We also realised when we take the brick out of the mould, we realised that the side of the brick gets caught onto the mould which leaves a dent.

After a couple of attempts of throwing and we reviewed which design worked well. As a group we decided on the inverted design, because the lines were more visible than the other designs.


Group entry – Sohail Dad, Muhammad Arslan Javaid, Rebecca Nguyen and William Haynes.

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