[EDIT/or] Final illustration

The feedback for the draft illustration we received from Jemma was to incorporate the relationships we identified between the themes of the images as texts. There was one image that was missing from the draft, and we managed to contact the writer and get an image to be included in the illustration. Therefore, the layout of the images had to be reconsidered.

The same method of placing contrasting images next to each other is used to form a layout. We used diagonal lines that ran through the images, creating triangles which reflected both the logo of the conference, Architecture Festival and the City, and matched the design used for the Global festival illustration. Below is a sketch which helped us in identifying where to place the texts in between the images, along the lines that ran throughout.

illustration 2 sketch

We used short descriptions that summarized the theme of each image, which were described in the abstract of the papers. These texts are then places where the lines intersected with the images. The colours of the texts are used to represent the locations which read together with the illustration we did for the Global festival illustration. The following image is the final illustration of the 10 images.


Fathmath Ihudha Amir
Edit/or – Editorial Team

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