Innovative Urban Lighting Week 7 Group 4 – Formative Review Philips Lighting

During this week Formative review were held 21.02.2018, where MA product design student and Philips lighting attended to hear about out prototypes to discuss our options and provide us with feedback to develop our design and progress further with the design.

We presented our concept and discussed our proposal on site. This was referenced with site analysis, history, constraints, opportunities, users, materials, structure, models, drawings/sketches and lighting fittings.

concept render page.jpg

The initial concept model axonometric structure

redner developemnt.jpg

Philips feedback were useful to progress with our design as they raised the question about vandalism, materials, lighting and structure. Also, they were concerned with the idea of floating on water. However, we at this stage we did provide a structural solution and materials to suggest this would work on water. This point was crucial for the prototype to work and develop this within the final model.


final model page.jpg

We decided to develop the model from the first concept model by simplifying the structure and form and concentrating on the seating and lighting element. the seats is surrounded by columns that would incorporate the LED’s lighting.

Mohammed Shaed

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