Innovative Urban Lighting Week 5 Group 4 – Prototype Design Models

During this week we presented initial ideas for prototype design and developed this using a physical model for our my final concept idea.  As the concept was changed to be utilised within the canal I produced an early physical model to demonstrate  the structure, form and materiality which will be situated on water.  At this stage, the structure was still taking form and needed to understand how this is assembled within the canal and how it floats on water.



This early stage of the prototype the scale was important to consider for its users and placement on site. We had to decide if the structure was accessible by the public therefore would this then form in a furniture. The structure would incorporate LED lighting which could be replaceable in different colours.

The materials decision at this stage was early however, we decided to use timber and steel to provide light stable structure,


Visual manipulation 

I then used a precedent (Munro’s Arizona Canal piece, Blooms) which influenced the design of structure floating on water incorporated with LED lighting to.


Mohammed Shaed

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