Brick Group A – Week 5

Week 5 – We started to sketch our ideas and used sketch up to develop our designs further.

Brick 1: The idea behind the vertical extrusions on the stretcher of the brick is to emphasise the texture and the vertically of a wall. Timber and standing seam metal cladding were used as precedents to develop the idea which allows the vertical lines created by these other materials to be reimagined in brick.

Brick 2: This brick was inspired by the undulating textures created by the wall tiles as shown in the images below. This gives an almost origami style pattern when repeated.

Brick 3: This brick is a mirror of the previous brick designed for one to fit within the other when stacked. The depth of a wall is enhanced with the inverted face of the brick which almost looks as though it has been pushed in at a singular point.


Brick 1


Brick 2


Brick 3


Brick 4


Group entry – Sohail Dad, Muhammad Arslan Javaid, Rebecca Nguyen and William Haynes.

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