Antigone – Group 5 – Ideas and their Meaning

Since this version of Antigone is contemporary, we have researched the meanings behind scene 5, the atmosphere and the symbols.

Ideas and Meaning behind imagery


There is a clear transitional flow from scene 4 to scene 5

Trees are symbolic on Greek mythology –  Mainly the Olive tree which was used by the Goddess Athena as a method of truce and forgiveness between Gods. This could be where the Gods are unforgiving of Creon’s choices and the olive tree is burning (by the Gods maybe?)

Family tree – Creon’s family – The destruction of the tree could represent the destruction of Creon’s family and his blood line to the throne.

The tree of life – Clear understanding here because there is death, not life.

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Symbolism of time –

Time can’t be changed or re-written

The angered realisation Creon can’t change the actions he took and devastation from the,.

Time could stand still?

STOP- that’s it now, can’t go back

Wilting Flowers

Flowers are considered beautiful, delicate things.

Could link to the young beauty/purity and innocence of the death of Antigone. The idea that Creon’s malice killed a young girl.

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Birds symbolise freedom (spiritually)

Idea of maybe ‘birds flying south’ could be the symbolism of Antigone, The Queen and Haimon’s life as spiritual beings leaving (flying to the God’s in the heavens)


the anger within the heart of the King

Concept imagery of the ‘ultimate destruction’

Fire / flames links to hell –

Could be a sign that Creon is something of the Devil for these acts he made. The flames could be Creon’s own destruction of this family (the tree)

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Creon Posters

Start of the show Creon could be a victor in the goal to become the ultimate known king – he could be strongly glorified.

The idea of bringing this production into 2018 politics with poster designs ‘advertising the king’.

By the end of the show these posters could become the mockery of the King – fool, idiot

The Gods will no longer love this King for his crimes. (2018 way of mocking the politics).


Sense of tragedy and grief – Misery and upset.

Symbols of tears shed for this: The God’s crying


The sheer anger of the Gods for the deaths because of Creon

Text by Allie Sale
Posted by Ralitsa Hristova
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