Antigone – Group 2 – Scene Analysis

The Antigone Co.Lab module we are undertaking will see us developing a concept set design and installation for an adaptation of the Greek play Antigone by the REP theatre. Our Co.Lab project will eventually be based on an adaptation of the original script by the Young REP theatre group; however the basis of the play will remain the same. In order to better understand the structure of the play it was important to understand the key aspects of each scene. The following brief summary for each scene would help our group to determine which would be most interesting for us to work with.

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Scene Analysis

Scene 1

  • Creon the ruler of Thebes addresses people from top step of the palace
  • Receives message that Polyneices body has been buried

Scene 2

  • Antigone discovered burying body by guards
  • Ismene also confesses although played no part
  • Creon decides to punish Antigone by locking her away

Scene 3

  • Creon’s son Haimon is due to marry Antigone
  • He tries to reason with Creon to change his mind

Scene 4

  • Antigone gets taken to the palace vault
  • She is resigned to her fate

Scene 5

  • Teiresias portrays prophecy of death surrounding Creon as he won’t change his mind
  • Choragas points out that Teiresias has never been wrong
  • Creon changes mind and decides to free Antigone
  • Haimen and Antigone kill themselves as does Creon’s wife called Euridice


From this analysis it became clear to our group that scene two would be the most interesting to base our project on. In our initial group discussion we had a number of initial concepts for scene two which we feel can be further developed. We carried out a character analysis and decided that one of the key themes during this scene was the emotional journey the characters undertake. As a result of this finding a method of portraying the emotion and mood of the characters would form the basis of our concept.


By Marcus Gregory Smith

Group 2 – Marcus, Dela, Danielle, Yousef

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