BHX MOD SOC Austin Village



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In the process of creating a database of modernist buildings in Birmingham, we are facing a challenge when decided what buildings are of architectural or historical significance and we believe should be shortlisted for our map.
Entry number 55 is Austin Village designed and prefabricated by Aladdin Company in the USA featuring prefabrication, innovative urban planning using central street and interconnecting secondary streets with pedestrian and vehicular paths separated and clearly defined.
The area became locally listed in 1997 and its one of only 11 conservation areas in Birmingham. Recent debate questioned whether the area should be preserved at all. As the overall unified character is what is being preserved and not individual houses which have undertaken several renovations and design alliterations without any architectural guidance, or style book.
Alpha Tower in Birmingham was previously locally protected before becoming listed by Historic England which ensured its survival in incoming years. Question is whether the Austin Village requires preservation and what it is that is being preserved, is it the prefabricated housing solution for workers living and working in one place? Such questions are rising as we are narrowing down the shortlist for featured buildings.

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