A Change of Direction.

As a group we had been struggling to come up with solid back up to support our idea of a choose you’re own adventure style guide. There were countless plot holes in the story line and we just couldn’t make it work so we took a step back and started to look at the project through slightly fresher eyes. Our final idea sits as this:

A map style publication written by an organisation of environmentalists/conservationists,place makers, aimed as a way to push their agenda of removing the car from Birmingham and instead designing the city around people and walking spaces/cycling spaces.

The guide sets the scene in a future Birmingham where city planning has carried on as it is now/ has been in the past revealing a dystopian world heavily polluted and close to unliveable. Using Manzonis original plans for the city, descriptions of the new, even more so, car ridden Birmingham will be written and we will use photo montages to create realistic visuals to back up these descriptions. These collages will be a mixture of hand work and software edited to make sure they are all coherent. The text will be written in a very descriptive but fact focussed way to give punchy and memorable bits of information.

The publication being written with the agenda we have decided upon and talking about this future dystopia that Birmingham will become if changes are not made will be designed to inform the general public of what the future might be like but to also scare them and get them to believe our agenda that Birmingham needs to be pedestrianised.

The sites we have chosen to talk about in the guide are as follows: The Rotunda/Bullring, St Pauls/colmore road, Victoria Square and Paradise Circus.


Group 1: Sam, Leigh, Tyler and Kaitlin

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