Publication Making Workshop


Our group attended a workshop set up to show us how to bind simple publications. The workshop was really interesting it introduced us to tools such as Bone Folders and Awls. We also learnt some of the terminology used within the publication making business to better help our understanding when it comes to creating our own.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 09.21.38

We also had a group tutorial, where we discussed what sort of publication would suite the project we are doing. We have decided to work in an OS map form as this best fits with the publication we want to make. We have researched the folding technique used for os maps and have produced mock up versions using plain paper that we will use as our flat lays.

From this point our group has a good understanding of the direction we are going as well as how this correlates with the final publication. Our points to focus on now are how to print the publication and to start creating the publication content.

Group 1: Sam, Leigh, Tyler and Kaitlin

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