Innovative Urban Lighting Week 5 Group 2 – BATS

In the lead up to this week, we discussed many different design options for our installation. We had decided upon a suspended lighting display, hung between Curzon B and University Locks.

We had thought about using the murmuration of starlings as our inspiration for this. An idea we believed that through the use of algorithms, we could program the lights to give movement to our design such as in The Bay Lights in San Fransisco.

One thing had been brought to our attention by the Canal River Trust was that we needed to show consideration for the bats in the area. This lead us to incorporate the bats into our design and instead of starlings. We believed we could use a bat like form as a casement for the the lights, so that in the daytime there is something more than just wires and bulbs.

Below are some of the exploratory shapes showing different forms to use for the bats.



Here is a sketch of how we would like the project to look:IMG_9524.JPG


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