Journey and Update from the CO-LAB.

Length 8m
Starting from 2m into 1.5 narrow
Spotting bases and plywood.
Transport thinking….
Flooring? Ramp?

Colours: wood, talk to Tom about options of colours.
Objects: Small chair, knife/sword, mirror, crown, noose, shovel.
Words cut out with frame.
Frames: projector things – ask Tom and Maria family photos
Outside of the tunnel, both sides views frames so everyone can see.

What to ask Tom & Maria?

  • Colours
  • Ask family photos (light and projectors)
  • What’s happening on the outside
  • Is there a way they can transport that to site?

Finalised objects

  • Small chairs
  • Rings – change the ring for each individual manipulating nature/bloody/inscence?
  • Crowns
  • Noose
  • Knife/sword
  • Shovel
  • Small bags of dirt and gravel

Connecting the start with the tunnel, to avoid window blocking. Moving the tunnel forward into the gates – with the flying objects and grids to show the hanging.
Grid and top on it. Just using the grid to support objects.
Architecturally tunnel some of the ideas – technical thoughts – costs and affordability.
Keeping the naturalness of the plywood. Binding colours – red paint and splashes.

Ismene and Antigone – dressed well and pretty
Chorus, muted colours faded. – uniform.
If the audience walks through is it undermining to be in the same place – is the tunnel justified?
Using the actual environment.
Head of technical drawing – built in a way that it flat packed. Safety Construction

Polystyrene – wouldn’t know when you painted it…. weather conditions for it? Movement might- it’s not resistant – fire and weather – take a beating
Velcro – double sided tape – rope batons
Long bolts and nuts to fit two pieces on either side – strong
Flooring – making it part of the tunnel – impending access.
Bringing out the features than instead of a normal theatre surrounding
Make sure you know why you want a flooring?
Messy grey factory –  romantic
Creating a new world – the value of that the world? How many minutes in their will people be in there for?

Introducing pictures – likes how we creating the dense family space joy. Dysfunctional family. Fallen from grace family. Royal family.
Anything can happen with the tunnel – quote workshops – they’ll help us. Plan it. (Structure)
1st time – objects and 2nd time – lighting
Atmosphere what kind of is it? Lighting – painting
Projectors 1:1 – gobo lighting – justify?
Narrow tunnel – simplifying
Dividing the tasks – 4 individual pieces.
Ramp – accessibility
Frames – slotting
Ceiling – fitting and slotting
Understanding of the detail of everything. Materials
Strong structurally for a thicker top ceiling.
Frames thickness – detailed drawings.
Making the designs feasible
Meg disagrees with frames.

List of the things to work on?

Khadija- joinery model and sketch

Meg – visuals

Fatima – sketch up of tunnel

Kiren – cut out either side acetate both sides opacity – printed thin acetate 2x acetates – blog

Up above is the minutes taken from the meeting, when we met with the Director to hear his thoughts on the process. It has improvements and things that need to be justified in order to complete our project.

Antigone Group 1 – Kiren Chanderh

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