Innovative Urban Lighting Week 6 Group 2 – Section Model

At the end of last week discussion, we decided to do the light design which can on the top of the canal and link the Curzon building and University Locks. In order to provide an interesting effect in the daytime, we chose to put some shapes like the bat on the light design. Therefore, for this week design development, we try to make a section model by card paper. The model offers a convenient way to look the relationship between light and buildings. We also put the model in a dark area and photo it for showing the light impact at night.


The first photo indicates the shadows of lights on the floor


In the second photo, we add a mirror paper on under the lights, it can represent like the canal on the scene. The lights on top are reflected on the mirror paper.

IMG_2908.JPGThe final photo shows a nice reflection on the wall, it might be a similar effect on the canal in a real scene.

by Xinting Xiao (Chris)


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