Innovative Urban Lighting – Group 1 | Week 8 | Development of acrylic model

/Users/laurabellaby/Downloads/Co.lab Light (1).dwg

AutoCAD Template – Acrylic box

We analysed the card board model and  made the changes that where necessary  in order to move on to the first laser cut 1 -1 model we changed the dimensions and the angles of the product and finalised it AutoCad.


Taking in the feedback from the presentation the previous week, we created an acrylic version of the design, refining the dimensions slightly and also trying out the curved edge. We decided to do the model out of acrylic only to begin with, as it is the main material we wanted to use. We could then test how sturdy it was on its own and could better decide after what sort of framing it would need.


Cut acrylic parts

One point we did realise when creating the model, is the complications the curve adds to the construction of the piece, as the acrylic element that would wrap around the top towards the ground, would require bending in an accurate way.



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