Innovative Urban Lighting Group 4 – Site Analysis Week 2

22th January

Site analysis – Sketches

During the site visit we began develop a urban design strategy to see what areas needed potential lighting and developed as part of the public realm. As the idea the was to include the existing landscape on site as part of concept design and identified the area opposite the Curzon building as a potential space to develop for the public.



Sketches showing site constraints and opportunity (developable area for lighting, circulation, access and green spaces). This sketch demonstrated the site materials, dimension and the canal locks details to understand out early concept ideas.

AA.jpgUntitled-1.jpgsketch 1.jpg

This sketch shows how the locks operate and how much space it takes whether we can design something for the canal boat user or a bridge link.


Early site section diagram showing the existing building heights and the levels.


This sketch shows the access off Curzon street.

Mohammed Shaed – Group 4


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