Keeley Travel – Week 2 Walk

Keeley travel walk for week 2 had us a group travel from Millennium Point to New Street Station on a route that took us through Digbeth, The Bullring shopping area, St Phillips, Victoria Square, The Mail Box and finally New Street Station. The aim of the walk was to try and experience our surroundings from a fresh perspective, take more notice of the sites, sounds and people and try to find put oneself in a position where you are new to the city.

As someone that has lived and worked in the city for over 3 years I found that I had already walked the routes and seen the sites we had visited. I did however find the experience to completely different to anything I had done previously, it seems that most other times I had walked these routes I’d been very much unfocused on my surroundings with my concentration primarily being on things like getting from getting from A to B, looking at the floor as I walk or just day dreaming. What peaked my interest are the amount of things that I haven’t noticed, most notably some of the graffiti and detailing on buildings in Digbeth and how Birmingham has such a rich variety of architecture, an architecture that is in a constant state of flux and change.

I have included a selection of images that depict these areas that have previously gone completely unnoticed by me.

DSC_0867 Tilt Shift

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