Keeley Travel – Week 2

As a group we went on a 3 hour walk around the city, beginning outside of the Curzon building and ending within Grand Central. The purpose of the walk to observe the city in a different way that we usual do, as if we were tourists, whilst thinking about some of the main features that define Birmingham.  These are some of the main things I picked up on whilst on the walk:

  • Birmingham has more attractive buildings than I previously thought. It’s as if you get sucked into whats happening at street level you never really look up and admire  the architecture, especially on New Street.
  • The architecture is also vastly different in all parts of the city, it seems to not have one single style or identity. Some what showing the layers of history.
  • The amount of construction and redevelopment. HS2, Smithfield, Paradise Forum and The Grand Hotel redevelopment just to name a few. The city is undergoing a dramatic transformation, which will leave certain areas of the current city unrecognisable in the next ten years.

Many things were discussed on this walk and many ideas popped up about how we tackle our travel guides in a more unique way to the usual tourist attractions.

Sarah Ives

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