Innovative Urban Lighting – Group 1 | Week 3 | Defining the Urban Strategy

This week we made the decision as to who the lighting will cater to and what the prime usage would be.

Taking into consideration the functional light available on site already, we decided that the prime usage for our design would be as an installation, but which would also provide some functional light for the path. We wanted the light to interact with the movement of the canal water, enhancing the reflective quality.

Our first concept images illustrates this idea, by considering the use of projectors of multiple colours onto the water. mde

In terms of who would use the lightning, we decided that it would mainly be students who live and use the surrounding area of the university library and accommodation. With the projection of light, we thought that its large range would be good to be able to not only be seen by those walking by the canal side, but also those in the surrounding buildings, reaching a larger amount of people.


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Inspired by the northern lights we went onto Photoshop and created an idea of how we would like it to look.



After exploring the site at night we started looking up some precedents to do with lighting strategies especially concentrating on examples that use water with lighting and how it reflects off it.


The above precedents are referenced bellow in order:

1 – Studio Roosegaarde’s LED bike path project inspired by Van Gogh’s “starry night”.

2 – The Liquid Room by Elizabeth Ogilvie

3 – Dance of Koi and People – Infinity by Team Lab



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