Visions Of America

“Architecture as a canvas and light as a material.” – Refik Anadol


Visions of America: Amériques
Led by conductor laureate Esa – Pekka Salonen, performed by Los Angeles.
Duration: 25 Minutes
Rehearsal Documentation from 6th November, 2014
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Frank Gehry has inspired us all, the quote above, certainly explains why the site specific performance was chosen to be place in F.Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall.
Anadol wanted to use the concert hall as the canvas to his astounding performance piece. Captivating the audience: Anadol began his storytelling with this site specific architectural video installation, which was created to illuminate and enhance the Varese’s composition.

The purpose of the projection establishes a ‘New World’ kind of feel, creating a place of artistic freedom. Anadol didn’t want his audience to feel like they wanted to escape more so generating a techno-utopian fantasy, followed by the project returning. The story enables us to come up with new stories around us, wanting to feel fresh and in the moment. Anadol stated “…instead of creating a media screen, there will be a story inside the space. What happens if you add a video layer that speaks to the audience in a whole new experience? We’re exploring the boundaries of what is real, what is physical, what is virtual…”

Using new 3D depth camera analysis to help structure the visuals, followed by the next generation Microsoft Kinect hardware. The purpose of the programme uses custom-built algorithmic sound analysis to respond and for the audience to listen in real time.

The whole purpose of adding this precedent studies, is to look and study the manipulation of projection and different types of materials. This helped us to look at new initial ideas as a starting point. The story behind ‘VoA’ evolved around human behaviour and people having their own stories to share. This generated an illusion that we wanted to capture for our own audience.


– Group 1: Kiren Chanderh

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