In the second Colab session, groups were tasked with developing a glossary of key terms which will be used in the production of a map regarding the modernist buildings of Birmingham. The glossary included terms like ‘CLASP’ and ‘functionalism’ as well as countries and architects that had significant influences in the modernist movement. These were then presented in an attempt to find any possible links between the terms and examples of them.


Understanding such terms has allowed for the group to begin to narrow down how buildings can be categorised in the map. For example understanding the term ‘CLASP’ and its intent of modularising construction through the use of component parts and a structural grid can be applied to the former Birmingham Central Library, allowing a better understanding of its significance in terms of construction.


The second half of the session involved discussion around precedent maps for other cities. This enabled us to begin narrowing down considerations such as paper, size, references, no. of buildings, etc. All data from the precedent maps were catalogued during the discussion to allow for comparisons to be made. The discussions pointed out that it is necessary to decide on the extents of the map and a further period/theme to focus on in order to consolidate any design choices.

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Harvinder Dullat

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