Discussion over key terms in week two session featured; Neo-Classicism, CLASP, Modular coordination and some significant figures as Louis Kahn, Gio Ponti, Luis Sert. Group explored key terms in a reference to Modernist Architecture in Great Britain. A brief analogy was traced and several examples and buildings by significant figures mentioned above compared to work of other modernist architects. Links where drawn between some modernist buildings, possible linkages between them and influences.



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Modernist Key Terms



In the other half of the session, group analysed architecture map examples prior to the development of our own map. Maps were analysed in several categories and results were catalogued. We have been looking at the quality of the paper, surface texture and gsm value, fonts, colour scheme, approach to visual communication using featuring either illustrations or photographs, number of buildings, text format and word count, possible target audience and lastly cost.



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A guide to Manchester’s modernist architecture


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