The Unfinished Article- Week 2

This week we met to discuss our ideas and inspiration. As a group we were collectively inspired by the work of Mark Bradford, see Figure 1, because we felt this portrayed the notion of the inside of the student’s mind at the start of a project, an explosion of ideas.

Los Moscos 2004 by Mark Bradford born 1961

Figure 1. Bradford, M. (2004) Los Moscos. Available at: [Accessed 24 January 2018]

For the set up of the booklet, we would like to create an A2 poster that folds up. The poster will be an accumulation of our different pieces of work on various layers to create a piece that is inspired by Mark Bradford. We thought we should write abstracts about the creative process, these could be anonymous so that those who are viewing the poster can try and work out which parts of the artwork relate to which abstract.

We are considering using concrete poetry (using words to form a shape) inspired by the artist, Carl Andre, see Figure 2. For this we would like to use a typewriter to create the words, which will then be scanned and use Photoshop to make the forms. We would like to make a university stamp logo, for the cover page of the booklet, as this will be more authentic and literally leave our own mark on the work as students. We have also considered making the title page into a grid puzzle, i.e. the image of the logo cut into pieces and jumbled up.

carl andre

Figure 2. Andre, C. (1969) Lyrics and Odes. Available at: [accessed 24 January 2018]


By Louisa Marley and Emily Walsh



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