Hockley Circus – the big bottom

The enclosed pedestrian space, a public square within the road system of Hockley Circus/Flyover sits beneath the concrete deck and among the concrete pillars. Sunken below road level and accessed only by five pedestrian underpasses.

‘Sunken’ – ‘Under’ – ‘Below’ – ‘Beneath’.

Vehicular infrastructure takes priority here over foot traffic. The public space is adorned with both formal and informal artwork consisting of graffiti and concrete sculpture walls. Neither of these distract from the sound of cars, vans, buses and lorries. Trees offer shade but also add a sense of seclusion despite the activity above.

Sculpture wall 3d model 1


A well for wind blown litter and other detritus, it mixes among the autumn leaves.

Tagging on the walls within the enclosed underpasses seeps out onto the surrounding textured concrete.

From the road the unsuspecting motorist may not be aware of the presence of a public square, the foliage and landscaped banking obscures much of the space.

Hockley Flyover spin GIF


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