Mapping and Manipulating

With ‘Grade Seperation’ in mind we are using Hockley Underpass, in Birmingham as a precedent.

As part of the digital/tangible subgroup we have mapped elements of a sculpture by William Mitchell that forms part of the boundary of the underpass. Taking our photographs into Autodesk Recap we have been able to create mapped meshes which we have then started to manipulate.

As we have not mapped the entirity of the sculpture, the fragments that we have modelled have been taken into 3DS max, and from their to unity, where we are currently learning how we can make this an interactive, digital experience.

Other subgroups have recorded audio, while others are looking more in-depth into the processes used to create the sculpture, it is hope that this information can help influence our interactive scene, or be integrated.

While this is the extent of our work so far, we are covering a broad range of enquiry about the negative space, and it’s artwork before we decide how to focus our efforts moving forward.

Attached are some screenshots of the WIP.

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