Ethical statement

Following the first two weeks, our group was able to review the draft questionnaire and discuss the tasks concerning ethical guidelines.
Based on Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research by British Educational Research Association (BERA 2011) and the Statement of Ethical Practice by The British Sociological Association we discussed matters such as:

  • Voluntary Informed Consent
  •  Openness and Disclosure
  • Right to Withdraw
  •  Incentives
  • Detriment Arising from Participation in Research
  • Privacy
  • Disclosure
  • Our responsibilities as Sponsors of Research, our methods and ways of publication
  •  Matters of misconducts and authorship

These were then used to produce a short statement in our questionnaire which ensures that all surveys will be anonymous and all data will be stored securely on cloud drive which is password protected and accessible only to the team members. We were then able to produce the Ethics Statement section for our Video Diary Framework which outlines the discussed points.


It was important to emphasise that the videos produced by students taking part in our research were to be used in the production of the final film and therefore permission should be obtained from other people if they were to be part of the videos. We also ensured students that we would not publish any pieces of the videos they would not feel comfortable with.


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