Reasearch strategy


According to what it has been discussed in the previous section and based on further readings, the research group started to explore the central question of this study;

“We will be studying how part-time students navigate everyday challenges to complete their studies and maintain a healthy life balance so that we can get a better understanding of the needs of such students and develop more appropriate learning apparatus.”

                                                                                                           Hannah Vowles, Andrew Hilton

Starting from the premises that time, network, travel and happiness are the most essential elements affecting part-time student’s life, we tried to analyse these aspects impact on ourselves. Each member of the study group had the task to film himself in a particular moment over the day. This experiment served as a tool for recording what the element that affects out life most is and how we can bring an improvement to it. Apart from that, the videos brought us another method of pursuing the hypothesis we already made. Because the video is part of the project, we have to come up with a plan that will allow our participant to the study to emphasise different aspects of their life. It came to our attention that, to be specific about the video, we need to create a film strategy that needs to be followed by our part-time students which are going to be involved in this study. Until this point we came up with this set of rules:

Film strategy

6-10 short (30 sec) clips spread across the week at different times of day addressing the following themes:

Travel (commute)

Time – workload balance/routine


Important people in your life


Reflection 1-minute confessional – need to film yourself (portrait) at the end of the process.

Moreover, the group started to address the questionnaire in a better and more professional way by using a proficient tool that follows a familiar pattern of surveys. Furthermore,  based on the previous video some other questions have been born, and the way it has been addressed to these issues has been discovered through our films. Because this method of filming has proven to be a handy tool, another video will be made, following the strategy that has been set up. The process will help us to discover more missing elements and address them adequately to find what we are looking for… a more appropriated learning apparatus.


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