Critical Pedagogies- Synops

The architecture student is well aware that the path to becoming a fully qualified architect takes much time and it brings many challenges on its way. With an understanding of cost involvement, many students have no choice but to work and study at the same time to support their studies and gain experience in the field or architecture, this becoming a more prominent burden than they already bear. By choosing to study part-time, the course its slightly extending the time of graduation but in return creates the opportunity of working in practice, offering a bit of both. With the ability to study and earn money, part-time students have sponsorship for academic fees and to develop their careers at the same time, making it hard to challenge this popular form of pedagogy. It is also seen beneficial for employers, especially after graduation, as their employee returns with more skills, knowledge and practical experience. “Universities often emphasise the apparent benefits of this ‘flexible’ mode of study which for many is seen as a great way of furthering their career development and learning around other life commitments.”
                                                                                                          Hannah Vowles, Andrew Hilton

The flexible study fits better students that have families and work commitments. However, the extended period and developing a career, as well as limited part-time courses available across Uk in comparison with full-time ones are making us searching for the challenges within part-time students lives and ask questions like What does it mean to be a part-time student? How part-time students coop with the everyday problems? How are they maintaining a healthy life balance? How do they manage the workload? How is their life affected by limited available time or how do they handle to commute on long distances?
This critical pedagogies research will try to find answers to the questions listed below through active investigation of BCU’s entire part-time group. The target personnel will study undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students at all stages of their studies and careers to form a local snapshot of everyday life.


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