Futuremakers: The Big Review


The Big Review was the closing event for Futuremakers, a ‘private view’ of sorts, but one that occurs at the end of the exhibition rather than its opening. Its guests were younger than normally expected too – staring from 4 years! The exhibition and public programme had an aim to engage everyone with an idea to play, make build.

We transformed the main theatre space as an extension to the gallery, presenting the various structures each maker-in-residence created, alongside those made by the workshop participants, and the biggest playmat most would not have seen before. Guests, wanderers and participants  were invited to build as the event went on. The makers reflects back their own ambitions and ideas of their own structures, just as the guests were making theirs. The sharing of technique and concepts is just as important as the actual design.

What occurred next was unexpected… with the young audience combining their creations made on the playmat with the maker’s, allowing them to imaging new spaces, and assembly sequences. The assemblages were reminiscent of those from the Junk yard playgrounds that were so influential in the planning of the project.

We’d like to thanks everyone that came down to celebrate with us and to those that participated in the workshops and contributed their ideas.

Futuremakers will return in a new form next year.


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