Graphic Motif

brochure cover A3 pink paper bleed-1 full colour

‘Activities linked to construction are recorded in… techniques and materials, where the choice of materials is essential. It may be material in its natural state… but also that of recovered industrial material, reused, reworked, or used in an “inappropriate’ fashion, not in the way intended by industry.’ 

There are many points of reference for the exhibition and graphic design for Futuremakers; from the re-appropriation of the everyday (scaffolding sites, flyposting, construction signs etc.) to looking at design troupes of other radical collectives (from Global Tools, to Action Space Mobile to Assemble).

global tools slide 3aIMG_47798998912263_54d6bd9d13_b

What brings these references together is a form of collaging. Building an image from images. The sense of overlaying is key and we have taken this principle in most of the printed matter and physical presentation of the gallery display.

Working with Zohra Abbas, a graduate from Birmingham School of Architecture & Design, we developed a playful identity that is also very familiar. Conventional tool icons were overlaid and manipulated with patterned vectors, building up to the full image, with colours taken from standard items of construction sites (yellow hazards, blue hoardings).


Co.LAB has also gone back to recycle ideas from previous projects liked Tamed with a Smile. The design package consists of logos, wallpaper, activity sheets, banners, with archival documents of mac and Co.LAB dropped as background images to help subdivide the exhibition space, turning the graphical motifs into architectural elements.




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