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The Exhibition Wall @ Futuremakers showcases a number of historical and contemporary examples of play as a process of design or building. Located in the Arena Gallery at mac, it is divided into three sections – each displaying the following artist or designer’s project:

Play Make Build: an introduction
The Pacemakers, COI, 1969 (Birmingham, UK)
Playmakers, Kosuge1-16, 2012 (JAP)

Early Play Sites
Børn pÅ byggelegeplads (Children at theBuilding Site), Sven Türck, 1952 (Den)
Animazione Al Trione, Riccardo Dalisi Studio, 1971-75 (ITA)
Global Tools, Valerio Borgonuovo & Silvia Franceschini, Salt Research (ITA/TUR)
Contrast Structure, Action Space Mobile, 1972 (Sheffield UK)
Action Space film, dir. Huw Wahl, 2016 (UK)
AR Viewpoints (article), Reinier de Graaf, 2016 (NED)
Mike Westbrook Brass Band, Birmingham Arts Lab, 1969 (Birmingham, UK)

Contemporary Play Practices
Wild Kingdom, We Made That, 2012 (London, UK)
Ecology of Colours, Studio Weave, 2012 (Dartford, UK)
Ibtasem Playground, Catalytic Action, 2015 (LEB)
bau-Stelle, Christine + Irene Hohenbüchler, 2009 (AUT)
Arquitectura Para Niños, Taller Abierto, 2014 (ESP)
Form Perform, Transform, Go! Renata Bandeira, 2016 (BRA)
Test Unit, TakTal, 2016 (Glasgow, UK)
Orleton Canopy Project, Kate Darby Architects (UK)

The New Creative Playgrounds
Timmerdorp Groningen, 2016 (NED)
Governor’s Island, Play:ground (USA)
Future City Collage, Little Architect, AA, 2016 (UK)

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Exhibition open 17th June – 2nd September.
Please visit the mac website for full opening times.
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